Take Home Meals


Take home a treat to nibble, an edible gift or an entire meal to satisfy the hungriest of hordes.

Our take home options are not just inspiring - they’re fresh and tasty… SIMPLE!”

We’re all about artisan food – fresh, wholesome, house-made fare.

All created with love. We punch well above our size, with sublime take-home meal options that spread our foodie love far beyond Steampocket into special occasions and family homes.

Let us take the thinking out of your meal planning. We have a range of gourmet treats to make your life easy. The range available varies depending on the season but we're regularly find these favourites in our take home boxes

  • Family meat lasagna
  • Vegetarian lasagna
  • Quiches
  • Goats cheese tarts
  • Frittatas
  • Curries
  • Soups

We also stock some magic sweet treats, baked fresh to tease your taste buds. These change regularly depending on the chef’s mood so drop in and take home a selection. There is always something for every taste.

We have great take home packs including a variety of home made meals that will get you through the weekend without sweat.

Pick up Fridays only. Order via phone or walk in.

Feed me Boxes, Platters and Take home meals