Lunch steampocket

Relax and catch up with friends, work collegues or family.

Lunch at steampocket is tasty, inexpensive and fresh.


Calamari and cannellini bean salad, tomato caper dressing                    $16.90

Steampocket beef burger, American mustard, iceberg, melted cheese,

bacon and chips                                                                                                  $16.50

Salmon nicoise salad, new potatoes , french beans and parsley               $18.50

Mini eggplant and field mushroom tortilla tacos with avocado cream    $15.00

Grazing Platter (ask our friendly staff)                                                         $15.00

Stack of Chips with Lime Salt & Mayo (v)                                                    $10.00

Sourdough toasties $10.00

Honey ham, pineapple and vintage cheddar

Bacon, chicken, relish, avocado & cheese

14hr pulled pork, apple chutney, red onion and rocket

Wraps, Rolls, Sangas $9.00

Made to Order – your choice of:

Roast Lamb

Poached Chicken Breast

Virginian Ham

Grilled Bacon


with/without Salad (Rocket, Tomato, Cucumber & Carrot)

Spreads – Tomato Relish, Pesto, Mayo, Pickles, Beetroot Relish, Fruit Chutney

Extras ($2.00 each) – Avocado, Roasted Capsicum, Scrambled Eggs, Beetroot, Red Onion, Tasty Cheese

(gf) can be gluten free      (v) can be vegetarian